Friday, March 16, 2007

Why Wingers Like Coughlin and Zanotti Fight for Vouchers

Or "EdChoice" as they like to call it.

Pho gives us a real big hint why those two and others want to "help the poor":
There's a fair amount of evidence that the voucher program is serving middle class families rather than the truly poor. A Policy Matters Ohio study on the characteristics of students in the Cleveland program (with limited data available) found considerable evidence that the kids were coming from families that could afford private school without the vouchers. And an Indiana University study on the effects of the program on achievement had to adjust the results for class and race because "the voucher group had a greater proportion of White and affluent children."
That makes Coughlin's comment about Ted Strickland attacking his core supporters even more laughable.

Click through for links to the studies and to read the rest of the post.

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