Sunday, March 18, 2007

Random Notes on St. Patrick's Day

Random nuggets on this Green Saturday:
  • I didn't see all of the OSU-Xavier game, which is a shame. I did see the important part: the OSU comeback to send the game into overtime. I agree with Anthony: they'll come out of this game stronger and ready for more difficult opponents. The Buckeyes will play the winner of evil Bruce Pearl's Tennesse squad or Virginia next Thursday.

  • Although we decided to stay in tonight, the spousal unit bought a hunk of corned beef and put it in the crock pot this morning. Outstanding. The leftovers have been whispering my name for the past ten minutes...

  • Eventually, PBD will be moving to a Blogger 2 home. This site has just become difficult and cumbersome: loads slowly, back links never show up, feed takes to long to hit some readers, etc, etc. We'll also have a dedicated URL that will point to the Blogger 2 site. Details will follow.

  • We have CDs to review! Sometime in the next few weeks we'll cover the Offramps, Mellencamp, Son Volt, and Old Crow. Good times, all.

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