Monday, March 19, 2007

The Last Ever Not Posting Here Again Post, Until the One or Two or Three Where I Remind You Update Your Links and Readers

I'm serious about that. This is the last post here, until I have to remind the bad children in the classroom to update their RSS readers and blog links. So please do that now!!

As for where we're moving, you can find us the new PBD:

The New PBD

Original, no? If you can't remember that, the dedicated link is redirecting traffic to the new place:

Psychobilly Democrat

Don't neglect your RSS readers: feed them.

Much of the content there is the same as here in terms of links and such, although moving did give us a chance to trim some fat. I've got a few more ideas for links, including a section for righties, so pay attention to those sidebars.

Why'd we move? Couple of reasons, but mostly convenience and performance. PBD v1 was suffering badly lagging load times, which was annoying. It felt constrained too: no labels, backtracks didn't work with blogs on B2, etc. Kicking and screaming, we felt compelled to change.

The convenience factor is huge too. I have a Google ID that can run the new PBD, whereas the old one was on some made-up username that didn't like my Google ID. Managing that system is now easier and all my content is a click from editing while logged in. What can I say, we're lazy.

Plus we've tweaked a clean and sleek 3-column template at the new place. Go stare at the beauty. Don't make me ask again.

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